Stúdíó Sýrland is located in Vatnagarðar Reykjavík. It is a leading studio in Reykjavík Iceland housing 3 different studios for different project needs. the company Stúdíó Sýrland has been operating since 1988 in various forms.

With its combination of highly skilled and experienced engineers and staff and first-class facilities. Stúdíó Sýrland has become the go-to professional partner in the Icelandic music industry, recording diverse artists across the spectrum of classical, pop, jazz, and rock music.

Many of the country’s most prominent musicians and bands have recorded and mixed at Stúdíó Sýrland. Credits include: Björk, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Atli Örvarsson, Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men, Ham, Bubbi Morthens, Stuðmenn, Sálin, The Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Caput Ensemble, Mezzoforte, Reykjavík Big Band, and international acts like Blur, Printz Board, Bear McCreary to name just a few.